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Health: Flush out worms and parasites from your body with just 2 ingredients!!!

Yep! You heard me right...

With only two ingredients, you can rid yourself of those ugly parasites,🐍🐍 worms, and all that yucky stuff in your guts.

If you’re feeling tired, fatigued, headaches and lack of sleep 💤, then guess what!? This recipe is for you!!

The parasites that live in our body drain away from our energy and in order to compensate, the body needs something sweet that will provide quick energy supplement to the body.

However, when you eat a lot of sweets 🍬🍦🍩🍫🍭 you're creating favorable conditions for the accumulation of mucus in the body. This mucus is a good base for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. So this means, the more parasites – the thicker is the layer of fat.

And now, back to the two magic ingredients.
All you need is

  •          Linseed (also known as flax-seed) &
  •          Cloves.
Linseed and linseed oil
Photo by kamilla02--

Now, if you’re not familiar with these two ingredients, you might be wondering what they are or where to get them. You can check the pictures to your left to know what they look like. The first picture is the linseed and the one below are cloves. I ordered for mine online so you can do the same. You might be lucky to find them in specific stores.

How to prepare

You need to mix one part of cloves to 10 parts of linseed. For example 10grams of Cloves = 100grams of Linseed.

Next, put it in your coffee blender and blends away. Put the mixture away in an airtight container

Take 2 tablespoons every day for three days. Rest for another three days, then continue for like a month. You should start seeing results before then. When the parasites stop taking your energy, the metabolism and weight will be normalized.

cloves on white background
Photo by abuyotam

Say bye-bye to fat deposits, sugar cravings and drowsiness. And thank me later.

If by any chance you've tried this mix before, kindly drop a comment below, and lt let us know how it worked for you. 

Cheers 💗💗💗

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