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8 ways to make money from Trévo

Trevo LLC is a network marketing business empowering dreams with a powerful, unparalleled system and experience, plus a compensation plan that is second to none. This is your opportunity to live a lifestyle that you can believe in and that you can help others create; one that promotes wellness and prosperity.

What is Network Marketing?
Network marketing is NOT a get rich scheme. It is not an investment scheme, a pyramid scheme or a way of using other people.
Network marketing is a relationship building, information sharing, leveraging, team-building, learning leadership and financial freedom.

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Retail sales
Make a 40% profit simply by sharing the flagship nutritional product with others. They will also pay you great bonuses for every purchase made by your preferred retail partners

Power start business system commissions
Earn up to 40% commission each time you personally enroll a life and health coach with a purchase of 1 of the Power Start Business System

Matching bonuses
This is where your leadership efforts really pay off. Every time your personally-enrolled team members enroll a new life and health coach with a power start package, you receive a 20% matching bonus.

Group volume commissions
Trévo rewards field leaders for their personal effort in building exciting, passionate and growing teams by paying out generous monthly group volume bonuses. This can create massive monthly residual income for you.

Bulk pack bonuses
When one of your personally enrolled life and health coaches takes advantage of the great bulk pack discounts, Trévo will reward you of a bonus up to $183.00 per purchase.

Team volume pool bonuses
Trévo reserves 15% of the company’s global revenue to be paid 15 separate 1% pools. These amazing pool bonuses really maximize the power of our revolutionary, single-line compensation plan.

Imagine being paid for the activity of everyone who joins Trévo after you. With Trévo’s single-line matrix compensation plan, everyone who joins the global company after you is positioned under you and contributes to your income… whether you enrolled them or not, whether they are in your team or not and whether they are even in the same country as you or not.

Leadership bonuses
Trévo knows how to reward its elite field leaders in style. Enjoy an impressive array of leadership bonuses, from luxury car bonuses and executive-class travel to cash in training bonuses

Charity bonuses
Be inspired, be empowered, be the difference! When you achieve Black Diamond Executive status and above, you are rewarded with shares of the Trévo charity pool which are distributed as donations made in your name to your favorite Charity.

Trévo is the answer to lifestyle freedom that you desire. Trévo is dedicated to building a culture that equips and motivates people just like you and me to achieve and embrace the greatness for which we created. Trévo is founded upon the prosperity pillars;

  • Physical health,
  • Financial health and
  • Spiritual health.

I once asked a team leader if he would ever consider joining another Multi-level marketing and he said one thing that stuck to my mind, he said, “Trévo pays me all the salary I could ever need.”

Now, if that wasn't encouragement enough, I don’t know what is?
This alone prompted me to work with the brand and with the right kind of motivation and mindset, you can too!

WhatsApp: +23409054708907.

You can also,
Register as a ONE TIME customer or JOIN THE TEAM and buy Trévo at a discount price.
The choice is yours.

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