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Morning Sex?? Yes or Yes!

Erm... okay!

Time to get in between the sheets. Yaaayyyy!!!

So this is a sensitive one. 

And on a good day, I would rather not dabble into it. But it came up during a debate

Morning sex feels really special; this can be as a result of the body being relaxed and more sensitive to touches. Having sex is great but the morning sex can be of more advantage to our body.

Waking up first thing in the morning and taking a few minutes out of the day to indulge in early morning chocolate sex is very beneficial. Not only is it a natural stress reliever but the orgasm will leave you feeling great and better prepared for the day's task.

Benefits of Early morning sex

1) Good for the brain: Morning sex helps release a hormone known as dopamine. Dopamine is also called the feel-good hormone. This causes the body to relax helping the brain to perform better during the day.

2)Your body is ready: There is no time of the day that the body is so relaxed and sensitive than in the morning after sleeping for hours. The body is easily aroused at this time of the day and while his hormones are running high, this will make getting into the mood easier. It is also been said that men produce more testosterone in the morning, so it'll do you a lot of good to make the best of the situation

3) Beneficial to the immune system: Regular sex helps the body to release antibiotics that help fight harmful bacterias, germs, and viruses in the body. Indulging with your partner in the morning when the body is ready makes it possible to produce this antibiotic.

4) Relieves pain: Early morning sex releases a chemical called endorphins that help relieve pains in the body. So if you are having pains you can try the early morning sex to work its magic.

5) You'll feel more intimate: During the morning sex, a chemical called oxytocin is released in the brain which really makes you feel good. Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone. It will bring about a feeling of intimacy between you and your partner.

Credit to PXhere

6) Happy all day: The oxytocin is also responsible for a happy mood. It can work against depression while leaving you smart and happy. And sometimes grinning like a hyena. Besides who wouldn't like waking up to an orgasm???

7) More stamina: If you have been having sex after a hectic day you must witness how difficult it can be to stay for long, most especially men who engage in physically tasking work. But after resting for the long hours throughout the night, you are well rested and full of energy. This can make you indulge for long while having pleasure.

8) Burns calories: Just like an early morning workout, morning sex can burn a significant amount of calorie in our body. An hour of lovemaking is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.


1) Time: With a million and one things to do in the morning, it's no surprise that EMS can be quite challenging. Sometimes you wake up really late for the day's activities and you don't want to waste more time. That's understandable, but you can solve this by setting an alarm that will wake you up early enough leaving you with some few minutes (or an hour) to spare.


2) Bad breath: Bad breath in the morning can really be a turn-off. But that shouldn't stop you, some paste in the mouth and rinsing can solve the problem. Another alternative is the brush the night before. Invest in a good paste, dental floss, tongue scraper, and mouthwash. Anything that will leave you feeling fresh and crisp in the morning.

3) Losing sleep: The early morning sleep can be so relaxing and a lot of people wouldn't miss it for anything especially on weekends. Well, you can relax and have your sleep and plan to bath with your partner. Who says it must be in the bedroom??

So if you want to wake up at the right side of the bed, break that routine that sex should be in the night and indulge yourself with an early dose of vitamins.

Thank me later.

Sayonara xox

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