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How to relieve stress quickly as a woman

We all know what it feels like to be stressed and we all deal with it differently, but how much stress is too much? Your body will let you know when you're overstressed with signs like loss of appetite, headaches or migraines, tension, anxiety, worry, and possibly lack of sleep

Stress is a phenomenon every human has to deal with at different life phases. As to popular opinion, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is simply an indication that your body is performing its functions well and indicating to you that you’re physically exerting yourself. It could be a result of overly tight schedules and it could also come out from things you find pleasure in doing such as putting your house in order, hanging out with your kids, and so on. Due to how life is, it is inevitable but there are precautions and corrective steps to take to help reduce its effect on overall health.

Relieving stress

Understand what triggers you the most.

The very first step to relieving yourself of stress is finding out what the key triggers are. You have to know exactly what makes you feel stressed the most. Stress could be caused by physical activities, but it is majorly influenced by activities in the mind. Once you know what the key triggers are you can be sure that you’ve solved half of the problem.

Have an exercise routine

Finding ways to physically relax can be extremely helpful. Workouts have a way of making the body feel at ease, active, and revamped. In case you’ve been excusing workouts from your daily routine, you may want to reconsider it. You could start with a simple ten minutes workout every morning. The feeling it’ll leave you with is a sense of fulfillment and a burst of energy. Research also submits that working out boosts your mental capacity and ability to process information. So why haven’t you been working out? You can start with light physical activity at home like Yoga and walking. you will feel better physically and emotionally.

Give yourself a break.

Sometimes what you need to relieve stress is to take a break from work. This applies more to entrepreneurs who literally have no time limit for work. It is not rare to find entrepreneurs using almost and over twelve hours per day working. This is a major trigger of mental stress and fatigue. So, taking a week's break from work would not be out of place. It would go a long way to get you rejuvenated. Make out time for hobbies and activities that will help you relax and be mindful of the stress.

Be positive.

The issue with stress may sometimes not be mental but psychological. What are your thoughts about life? About your pursuits and your ongoing projects? The more you think they will fail the higher your stress levels as you work. Focus on potential solutions and not just the problems.

Include smoothies in your diet.

There are certain fruits that help deal with stress. Perhaps you have trouble munching on individual fruits, how about you try out a blend of several fruits all in one cup. You could find out what fruit combination works to suit you from your dietician.

Take supplements  

It doesn't necessarily combat stress but it leaves your body in the right frame to deal with it. 

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You would get a million and one piece of advice from different people on how to manage stress but the one person that knows the exact cause of your stress is YOU. When you discover what the main trigger is, the aforementioned would be more relevant to you.
Until then, take care of yourself.

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