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Enter the New Year with a bang! Groom yourself to perfection

Hello Beautiful people… I hope you’re all are doing fabulous. I know I am.

It’s a new year… yaaaaayyyy!!!! 🎆🎆🎆

And I have so much in store for you today. Because the year is still brand new and I’m practically playing with the bubble wrap...
Now onto the New Year spirit. Like I said earlier, the year is fairly new and so are we and our resolutions. And one of them to consider is grooming yourself for perfection, for success for health and wealth.

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According to the Cambridge dictionary, Grooming is the thing that you do to make your appearance clean and neat, for example, brushing your hair… and so on. It can also be defined as the caring of one’s cleanliness, appearance, and clothing. It’s all about presenting yourself in the best manner.

Now here are just a few pointers to make you look and feel beautiful at all times. But before I delve into any tips, I would sincerely advise you to make the salons, spas, and grooming center your best friend this year. You’ll see why soon enough.
Let's start from the head to the toes.

Ideally, we are to wash our hair every 3-4 days or so, but given the Nigerian factor where we carry weaves or braids for up to 2 months, this is far fetched. Thereby I would advise striving to wash your hair once a fortnight (if you can’t do weekly) with a quality shampoo and conditioner. 

While washing the hair occasionally will cause a buildup of dirt, grease and ultimately lead to dandruff, washing the hair too often (which is not common with our type of hair) will strip the scalp of its natural oil thereby causing an overproduction of oil on the scalp. After washing your hair and conditioning it, blow-dry and style using organic products which contain fewer chemicals. Retouch every 3 months and trim your splits ends for healthy tresses.
Depending on your skin type, find a perfect skincare routine and follow up on it religiously. Always spare some minutes to wash your face twice daily; morning and night. Get facials done once a month by professional. Massage and scrub away the dead cells on your skin making you look and feel brand new. 

Splurge on yourself and go all the way, after all, you’re paying for it and every woman deserves such pampering once a month. Define your eyebrows to change your face dramatically and treat yourself to a lip scrub – preferably organic.

Go easy on the makeup as the products are not too good for your face or skin in the long run, so minimize them. A simple eyeliner and lip gloss can transform your face.
And NEVER, I repeat NEVER sleep with your makeup no matter how exhausted you are. The bacteria on the face transfers and accumulates on the pillow causing acne. So, prevention is better than cure.

Lastly, brush twice daily with appropriate toothpaste and brush which should be changed every 3 months. In addition to brushing, floss once daily and invest in a good mouthwash for a minty fresh breath and bacteria and odor-free mouth.

Take daily baths. Okay, so this is obvious!
Scrub properly not ignoring the orifices in your body, the armpits, groin and navel area. Recent research discovered the navel to be a thriving place for bacteria.

Use deodorants or antiperspirants freely. In fact, as a lady, you must have your own signature scent, that is, a favorite perfume.
And as I mentioned earlier, visit the spa once a month or so to get a full-body scrub and massage. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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As the saying goes – beauty is skin deep – Ensure to take care of yourself from inside by eating healthy and natural food which God has given us. You need to be healthy from within and that means no junk foods but balanced diets of fruits and veggies and multivitamins. Compliment this with little exercises of your choice (yoga – if you have a bad posture)  and your 8-hour beauty sleep.

Then finalize your awesomeness by wearing clothes that fit and suit your body. No grooming will be complete without personal dressing. QUICK TIP: Vee-necks are very flattering necklines for all body types. Check outwears that are good and not necessarily in trend. Back it up with classy accessories, rings, neckpieces and earrings, and VOILA! You’re good to go. A well ironed and clean clothes make a strong and positive impression, and that, dear friend is what we are aiming for come the glorious New Year.

And last but not the least, Hair removal is one of; if not the most important aspects of grooming starting with the face, eyebrows, upper lips, underarm and bikini line. Some people go all the way with arms and legs inclusive. However, depending on your hair growth hair removal should be once a month be it shaving, waxing, depilatories and what have you.

Dirty fingernails or chipped nails??
You need to get those grubby looking hands and heels to the salon ASAP if you’ve not done so in a while. We can’t have you enter the New Year with “soles from hell.” Do yourself a favor and add a manicure and pedicure appointment to your itinerary today. 

Decide if you're keeping your nails clean and short or adding extensions for an elegant look.  Do not neglect this part of the body, they need special care too.
And if you’re not up to it, simply get a small tub with warm water and soak up your hands and feet adding some essentials oils and sea salts. Hmm… bliss.

I hope I got you covered. Feel free to add your own basic care routine which you feel I might have skipped. And on the final note, polish yourself with what you have and take care of what God has given you.

God bless. Have a very glorious New Year.💕💕

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