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Exercise for bigger butt

Woman squatting with dumbbells
If you desire to have a bigger butt and hips, then engage in the following exercises daily: 

· Curtsy Lunge 

Hold a dumbbell in both hands, stand with your feet apart, and then lift up your dumbbell. While lifting up the dumbells with straight arms, take a step with your right leg backward, and then cross it behind your left leg. 

Bend your knees, but let your upper body be erect. Repeat the exercise with your left leg.

· Goblet Squat 

Hold the dumbells close to your chest, with your feet wide apart, squat and let your thighs be parallel to the floor. 

Return to a standing position and repeat the exercise several times. 

· Swiss ball bridge 

Rest your heels on a swiss ball, with your back flat on the ground, and then use your glutes to push up. 

Pause for a second and return to start position. 

· Bulgarian Split Quats 

Stand with your back facing a couch or chair. Rest one foot on the couch or chair and squat down. Your weight will be on your front leg while the back leg offers support. Do this exercise repeatedly. 

There are some foods that can also help to increase your butt. These are foods that contain some specific nutrients. 

They are: 
· Proteins 

Eggs, Chicken, Legumes, Boiled Fish, Cheese, Cottage and Legumes. 

· Carbohydrates 

Brown rice, Oats, Whole grain cereal and sweet potato. 

· Fat 

Extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, peanut butter, and walnuts. 

· Vegetables 

Broccoli, Spinach and green vegetables. 


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  2. For what reason is High Intensity Interval Training increasing quick notoriety? Since it freakin' works...BIG TIME.