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How to get perky breasts!

Every woman wants a perky breast, every man wants his woman to have a perky breast. There are several ways to achieve this look.

Some of the steps to get this look are:


Daily exercise will tone your muscles, your pectorals or chest muscles will be toned. Your breasts will become firm.

Some of the exercises you can engage in, in order to achieve this look are: 

A. Hand plank reaches.

· Maintain a plank position. While your body is in a straight line, your shoulders should be stacked over your wrist. Also, your shoulder should be placed between your toes and your head.
· Then, lift your left hand up and stretch it in front of you. Do same to the right hand, while you retract the left hand. 
· Return to the plank position.

B. Hands plank step-ins

· Your shoulders should be stacked over your wrists, while your body is positioned in a straight line in between your toes and top of your head.
· Raise your right foot towards your right hand. Repeat same process with your left foot and left hand. 
· Step your right foot backwards and repeat same process with the left foot.
· Repeat this exercise several times.
· Single-arm chest fly 
· Stretch out your legs while seated on a mat.
· Support your back on a playground ball.
· Hold a dumbbell in each hands.
· With your palms facing up, keep your hands at the level of your shoulder in front of you.
· At an angle of 45 degree, lean back from your hands.
· Spreads your arms to the right.
· Twist from your waist and allow the dumbells in your palm to be far apart from each other.
· Return to the starting position. After 30 seconds, repeat process to the left side.

C. Bent-arm Chest Opener
· Place a dumbbell in each hand.
· With your toes, take a wide stance, directed at 45 degrees.
· At an angle of 90 degrees, bend your knees and elbows.
· Let your palms face forward while you bring the weights to your side, then let your wrists be stacked over your elbows.
· At this position, use your chest muscles to squeeze your arms together.

2. Supplements Intake

Fenugreek supplements enlarges the breast. This supplement increases hormones production responsible for the growth of breast. 610mg of fenugreek supplement will increase your breast.

3. Wearing good bra

A good bra will always keep your breast lifted, it will look large and perky. A well-fitted bra should be worn frequently to get a perky breast look.

4. Use herbal oil or a breast cream.

A herbal oil or breast cream applied on your breast will help it sustain moisture. Your breast needs moisture. It helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. A massage on the breast using a herbal oil or breast cream will stimulate growth. 

5. Maintain a normal weight.

This will not only help keep your skin healthy, fluctuations in body weight will result in muscle breakdown which can reduce breast size. Also, these fluctuations can reduce fat deposits thereby making your breast sag. Maintaining a normal body weight will make your breast perkier.

6. Breast augmentation surgery

Discuss implants with your surgeon. The best implants contain soy instead of silicon which causes rupture and poisoning.

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