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How to maintain natural hair

The health of hair follicles greatly affects the growth of natural hair. A healthy balanced diet and good hair maintenance are vital to growing your natural hair.

You can perfectly maintain your natural hair by doing the following:

1. Braiding.

Braiding your hair reduces its exposure. Ensure the braids are not heavy and you use more of your natural hair for these braids than artificial hair, to avoid the weight of the artificial hair pulling out the natural hair.

2. Trimming

When you notice your natural hair is getting dry, trim it a little in order to get rid of damaged ends. Damaged or split ends to slow down the growth of your hair.

3. Wash your hair regularly.

Ensure water touches your hair weekly. You do not need to apply shampoo weekly.

4. Use a satin bonnet to wrap your hair at night.

This will help your hair retain moisture. The dryness of the hair can be caused by exposure to unpleasant environmental factors. At night, your natural hair should be wrapped with either a satin or silk scarf which is known for not absorbing oil.

5. Use satin pillowcase when asleep.

While you sleep, make use of a satin pillowcase so that oil is retained the hair.

6. Reduce the use of rubber bands.

Tying your natural hair with a rubber band can cause hair breakage. Use a hairband made of a silky or satin fabric. 

7. Regularly do a deep conditioner protein treatment for your hair.

This treatment can be done weekly.
Protein bonds in the hair are broken when chemical processing takes place. Keratin is a protein in the hair. The hair becomes weak and if it still lacks this protein, after some time the hair will break.

The strands of your hair will be fixed by the deep conditioning protein treatment. Eggs and mayonnaise can be used for homemade conditioning protein treatment.

8. Use herbs for hair growth.

Chebe powder and Cassia Obovata are herbs that are very good at growing natural hair fast.
The Chebe is a plant grown in Africa, majorly west Africa. It can be used to strengthen and thicken hair strands.
Cassia Obovata is another good herb used in strengthening the hair. When this herb is combined with liquid vitamin B, your hair will grow rapidly.

9. Eat a balanced diet

Foods that contain nutrients that aid hair growth should be eaten more.

Eat foods with the following nutrients;

· Vitamin E:
This nutrient protects the hair cells from damage. The vitamin E can be found in olive, salmon, almond, blackcurrant, avocado, etc.

· Vitamin

It aids stronger hair growth. It can be found in carrots, mango, honeydew melon.

· Vitamin B3 (niacin) can only have a positive effect on cell renewal when absorbed internally. It is available in apricots, bananas, tomatoes, rye, barley, buckwheat, sesame, peanuts, meat, herring and salmon.

· Vitamin B5

This nutrient aids blood flow to the scalp. It can be found in mushrooms, yeast, avocados, rye, Millet.
Other nutrients are Vitamin B6, B7, Omega 3 fatty acids, copper, Zinc, Protein and Vitamin C.

Other important tips to note:

· Do not bleach your hair.

· Avoid tight braids

· Reduce the amount of heat treatment on your hair.

· Your natural hair must be detangled first by your fingers.

· Use good oils on your head such as: castor oil, Olive oil, coconut oil. Etc.

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