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Sleep better tonight: A guide to improving your sleep

Getting enough sleep is certainly one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and well-being because it improves your brain function. Research shows that poor sleep or Insomnia has immediate negative effects on your hormones, performance and brain function. But so many people can't simply get enough sleep. A lot of factors can decrease sleep quality and affect the way you handle certain work. 

If you have a bit of a problem sleeping at night, I recommend this article, here are the best ways to improve sleep quality. 

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How to get a good night's sleep

Shower Before Bed

Going straight to bed after a hard day's work is not just bad hygiene, it affects your sleep especially when the night is a bit warm. It leaves you uncomfortable, with heat rashes or eczema and other skin diseases. 

Before you sleep, take a bath to cool down your body temperature and help you relax. In a nice warm bath or shower in the evening. This helps you sleep better. 

Sleep Only on a Comfortable Mattress

Not too hard, not too soft but just perfect. If the bed is too hard you have a hard time getting into a comfortable position and if it's too soft you won't be able to move at all. 

If your pillow is too thin, your head will tilt backward, which is uncomfortable. If it's too fat, your head will be raised too high which can cause neck pains. Get a perfect mattress and pillows, it will go a long in improving your sleep quality. 

Just A Little or No Sound

You should also try to limit the noise in the room. Turn off that lousy generator or home theatre and sleep off into dreamland or play some soft jazz or blues with the volume not too high. This will help you sleep faster. 

Get Neat Beddings

You should also ensure that your bed sheets, pillowcases and night wears are clean before you put them on. This makes you comfortable and improves sleep. 

Even if you do bed wet, dry your mattress and make sure you have another pair of pajamas and bedding. 

Get a Bed Time

Getting a bedtime ensures that you get efficient sleep. Your bedtime is 10pm doesn't mean that you sleep by 10, it simply means you should be in bed by 10. 

If you adhere to this particular schedule, your body would stimulate a response that will trigger hormones that will induce sleep around this time. This is the most natural way to improve your sleep and get a good old night rest. 

Exercise and Relax

Your whole body may be tensed that is why you are not getting enough sleep. Do some stretches to relax your bones and muscles to ease all that tension. Believe me, this one does wonder. 

Be at Ease

Don't stuff yourself with too much food or water or go to bed while you are still pressed. Make you eat just enough and feel relaxed. Getting a good night sleep is not difficult it all depends on you and the procedures and routine, if after trying these 7 steps and you still struggle to find sleep you should consider seeing your doctor.

Till then, take care of your sleep.

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