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3 Health Pillars for Effective Weight-loss and Optimum Health

There are no two ways about it!!!

For you to lose weight significantly while gaining optimum health permanently you need to focus on three factors. You've most likely heard it all before but are you actually implementing it? 

But considering the sleep-deprived, junk eating and sedentary lifestyle kind of environment we live in as the norm of our society, there’s bound to be a lapse in this health triangle which is the more reason why you have to incorporate these three factors to getting optimum results. Easy peasy right?

Everything is all about balance with these three magical words!
  1. Eat 
  2. Sleep and 
  3. Exercise. 
Without a necessary improvement in one, the whole process will suffer: it’s not rocket science. And please, please take note, it's important to follow it all in the right order. The first is,


Did you know that if you exercise regularly and don’t eat the proper diet you’ll just keep piling the weight back on? And did you also know that if you want to lose weight successfully, you need to start with your diet (food)? That is, you have to go completely organic; No junk food, no canned foods, no excessive sugar, and salt – you know the drill. If you could focus more on plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, I tell you, your body will thank you for it.


Secondly sleeping is equally fundamental in this health triangle. Sadly sleep deprivation has become a problem in society in general with the average person getting as little sleep like 4 hours. And according to the latest science, even a single night of restless sleep can have a devastating impact on our health and weight, our emotional states, our performance at work and even our relationships.

It’s easy to neglect sleep, especially in today’s fast-paced world. We sleep less thinking we can get more done. However, we need to sleep to rest our brains, refresh the body. The body goes through a healing and rejuvenation process while we sleep (it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing). This is why we must put in at least 7-9 hours’ sleep daily. 

Don’t fall for all the lies you’ve been told that the less you sleep the harder you’re working. The truth is that not having enough sleep makes us less productive. In fact, the inability to sleep make an individual not to function properly 

So before you end up getting hooked on dangerous addictive pills, read this article on how you can improve your sleep. Because people who use these pills wake up each morning feeling worse than the night before. That is because they fail in getting the sort of deep, rejuvenating and healthy sleep your mind and body actually need to heal and reset. 


Woman in exercise gear sitting on the floorThis is the third pillar of health. It’s only after you’ve incorporated healthy food into your lifestyle with a good night regime of quality sleep that your body starts to feel light thereby giving you more energy. And that is only when exercise will feel natural to you. 
So whenever you hear people say they feel light and have enough energy, it's because they've changed to a healthier diet. So there's less junk in their system and everything is now working in good order. Each part of these three pillars works hand in hand to make sure you have optimum health entirely because that's how it meant to be.

Until then, take care of yourself.

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