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Simple healthy Lunch ideas for work

Chicken and broccoli
Lunch Idea
Nothing stresses you like thinking of what meal to prepare for the day. We all get the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” sermon every time someone close to us finds out we skipped breakfast. No doubt, breakfast is really important but other meals we have during the day are important as well. They are needed for optimal growth. As such, there is a thing as a healthy lunch.

Whether it’s just a simple appetizer or a full course meal you’re packaging for lunch, you still want to make sure it’s something that would aid your well-being. You don’t want to go on an only-carbs diet or what have we? The hustle and bustle of every day make it difficult to insist on better choices for healthy lunch meals. While it's so easy to settle for any convenient meal you see, you might need to put a little more effort into selecting

Healthy Lunch?

What came to mind when you saw those words? Fruits, low carbs, and all right?
You are not necessarily wrong. Replace the word ‘lunch’ with ‘food’ and it should resonate better. By deduction, we could say that a healthy lunch is a balanced diet taken during midday. That means it should consist of all classes of food, fruits included, in normal proportion.

There are some options that should be a constant item in your lunch box. Growing up, seasonal fruits were a must for us. Usually bought in bulk at home, we simply took some to school every day. It depends on what fruits were in season at that moment. It could be orange, mango, or a banana. Buying biscuits, sweets, or snacks was limited.

What makes Up a Healthy Lunch?

Fruits and vegetables on display
Various vegetables and fruits
This question has been briefly expounded above but more light will be shed on it, moving on. A healthy lunch should contain at least half of the key nutrients needed for proper development. That means you’re not just going on full carbs or on junk. You’re having a proper mix of carbs, veggies, protein, and fruits by the side.

Why Healthy Lunches?

One of the top causes of short life spans amongst humans is malnutrition or poor dieting. A commitment to eating healthy would help increase life expectancy, thereby aiding the attainment of goals by many.

The body needs proper nutrition to fight against diseases and infections. Boosting the immune system starts with eating rightly and promptly.

Eating well helps the brain and mind. It aids productivity and fastens information decoding and retention.

Fruits and smoothie in a cup
Array of fruits

Tips For Having Consistently Healthy Lunches.

Have a simple food timetable
The reason why people resort to junk food most times is that they find it really stressful to always brainstorm about what to eat daily. Having a timetable of simple but healthy easy-to-cook meals will sure help.

Learn easy-to-cook recipes
Eating the same thing over and over again gets boring with time. Spice up lunchtime by learning different recipes that can be made from what you have in your store.

Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Lunch Packs

  • · Do add fruits to your meals

  • · Do not pack your veggies and fruits in chunks. Slice them for ease and aesthetics.

  • · Do include healthy fatty foods in your daily diet.

  • · Do use sealable bags to pack meals and avoid overeating.

  • · Do prepare and preserve your food in a germ-free environment.

  • · Don’t be stereotypical. Try out new food combos.

Take a break from rice and swallow and try something else for a change. Some meal ideas for a healthy lunch addition include
  • Stir-fried noodles/ spaghetti

  • Pan-fried fish/meat (fish fried with little oil on low heat)

  • Yam/ sweet potato cubes

  • Macaroni (you can add seafood if you're feeling adventurous)

  • Sandwiches with various meat and vegetable topping
All meals listed above can be accompanied with vegetables. And by vegetables, I mean green, red, and yellow pepper, onions, garlic, cabbages, peas, carrots, sweetcorn, and green beans to mention a few. You can simply add all or most of these by stir-frying your meals depending on what you are preparing. Healthy drink options to go with your meals include yogurts, freshly blended juice, and Zobo. And with that a piece of fruit or two to round up your meal.


Keeping to having a healthy lunch daily takes a lot of work but at the end of the day, it’s worth all the work. Your body and mind will be better for it. Many underlying health issues might get fixed along the line. You also are better at work because you have the necessary supply of nutrients to aid thoughtful processes. A healthy lunch daily is definitely an option to consider.
So what are you trying for lunch today? Hit me in the comment box. 
Until then take care of yourself.

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