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Make money with Oriflame Cosmetics.

When it comes to health, wellness and beauty, there's no other thing that Jemmy's Place is more passionate about. So when an opportunity to explore these businesses comes up, it makes the passion all the more worthwhile especially when it involves the chance to make wealth for yourself.

Oriflame is a company from Sweden. That's why the company’s name is called Oriflame Sweden. The company has been around for 55 years in the world and it has stakes in over 60 countries; Nigeria is one of them. Oriflame was established in Nigeria 8years ago this month (October) and has been running business smoothly in Nigeria ever since.

The company produces all-natural skincare products such as creams, scrubs, oils, hair care, mouth care, vagina care, and foot care. In addition to that, they also have healthcare wellness supplements, quality perfumes, makeup and so much more. 

Skin care set on marble
Novage ultimate lift skincare set.

As you previously read, the company produces beauty and wellness products. They have exceptionally good products for all skin problems such as pimples, rashes, sunburn, eczema, wound, scar, stretch marks, skin tags, skin reactions and so on. They also have products for mouth care. It treats any mouth or teeth problem such as mouth odor, teeth pain bleeding gum, mouth cancer and brown teeth. Their hair products are not left out. Hair problems such as hair breakage, dandruff, and hair lice to mention a few also come with their product recommendation.

Can you believe they also have vagina care, for all vagina problems such as toilet infection, itching, smelly discharge and dryness! I mean, how amazing can this company get? In addition to all this awesomeness, they also produce wellness supplement, which takes care of our health such as our eyes, brain, hormones, weight control, and eradication of free radicals to make us healthy and young. One more thing, there are high-quality perfumes for both men and women.

Check here to view some of our products or browse through the catalog.


Oriflame promises 3 things.
  • Look good.
  • Make Money
  • And have fun.
Let's take them one by one.


You can start by using their safe and natural skincare products that's has no chemicals at all. Their products come directly from the company that produces them and are not fake products that cause damage to the skin. In fact, it does the opposite by bringing out the beauty of the skin. Your skin will achieve a natural glow when you feed it with the right natural products.


We make money in Oriflame in 3 ways.


We use the products, we look good, we recommend our friends to also use them and we make profits from there. We also sell on Social Media and make more profits. Some of us use and sell in our shops and to our friends and families.


As we make sales, we get bonus points in our Oriflame accounts. If we introduce our friends or interested individuals to the business and they make sales too, the bonus points pile up and start growing. So eventually we get paid for the accumulated bonus points at the end of the month.

Check the below pictures to see some of last month's commissions πŸ‘‡

NB: Observe the date, time, amount, and sender of those alerts. You will notice that the money was paid this month on the 5th based on the efforts of last month.


When you’re diligent with the task ahead then titles like a manager, director, gold director, and diamond will open up to you. For each title we open, we get a big celebration from Oriflame, and we also get free money that we call a "cash award." Take note that all those money is aside our profits from sales.


Let's look at the third benefit of the company, which is to have fun. Oriflame is known for fun, if you’ve been hearing about Oriflame before then you should know that we engage in a lot of parties. We go to 5 stars hotels in Nigeria and abroad for free.

Oriflame believes that when you work hard, you should have time to catch fun. So they pay for our events at home and abroad. You don't have to drop a dime to attend; you just need to qualify. We lodge in high-class hotels like Sheraton hotel, Hilton Hotel Abuja, Lagos Intercontinental Hotel, Eko Hotel and Suites, The Palm Hotel Dubai and many other luxurious hotels for days completely free; all-expense paid by Oriflame.
Check the pictures below to see some of our free trips πŸ‘‡

So while there was an active ban in the UAE for Nigerians under 40, consultants from Oriflame Nigerians went to Dubai hitch-free. Imagine being involved with such a prestigious company??

In addition to all this, Oriflame gives out car awards. Brand-new cars are absolutely free and we have many qualifiers already. I am also working on my diamond title to collect my free brand-new jeep. You too can decide today to become a diamond with Oriflame and get your own brand-new jeep. You will not only get a free car, but you will also get a lot of cash awards

For closing your diamond title, you get the following cash awardsπŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½
  • Director title- #600k
  • Gold director- #1,050,000
  • Senior gold - #1,500,000
  • Sapphire - #2,000,000
  • Diamond- #3,000,000

Imagine all the money plus a brand new ride in this present economy??? Check below some of our car award winnersπŸ‘‡πŸ»

Offers of the month!

So what offers do we have for you, if you join Oriflame this month?

We have 4 amazing offers for this month of October!


Here you can win our anniversary gifts this month, which is a beautiful sunglasses and quality perfume, you could get them for free this month.
Let me show them to you πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Those gifts up thereπŸ‘†, could be yours for free, if you register and order markets of 300 points, this month.


You can start picking some of our best-selling products at a much-discounted price for 3 months. For example, the vagina care product worth #6500 can be picked for just 1500 this month, if you order up to 150 points worth of products this month. If you do the same next month, you’re qualified for our body scrub jam of #8500 for just 1500 also. By the third month, you will grab our infinite perfume worth #23,000 for just 1500 if you maintain the same bonus points. πŸ’ƒ


Oriflame challenges you to invite 2 friends of yours this month and collect #15,000 free money

Invite 4 and collect #30,000
Invite 6 and collect #45,000
Invite 8 and collect #60,000
Invite 10 and collect #75,000

It depends on how much you want. You can decide and work on it. Even if you reach up to 20, you will get #150,000 free money this month. Note that this free money is aside from your commissions and aside your profits on sales.


Because it's our anniversary month, Oriflame has decided to give out tons of money. They dare you to become a new manager this month and get free cash.

· Become 12% manager and collect #50,000
· Become 15% manager and collect #50,000 plus #75,000 making #125,000
· Become 18% manager and collect #50,000 + #75,000 +#100,000 = #225,000
· Become 21% senior manager and collect #50,000 + #75,000 + #100,000 + #150,000 = #375,000.

Maintain these results for 3 months and collect #600,000 cash award. This is absolutely free. Your monthly commissions will also be paid aside all this money


It’s quite easy to join Oriflame.

All you have to do is to register as a brand partner. An Oriflame account will be created for you whereby you will be assigned your consultant number and password. This is what you will be using to access your Oriflame account and carry out various transactions like registering your friends or stocking up on goods. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to register with the company.

Your first order is very important.
You have to choose how much you want to start your Oriflame business with. You can pay your money directly into Oriflame Company’s account. Or if you trust the person that invited you, you can send your money to him/her to help you buy your first market. After your account has been created with your first purchase, you will learn how to be getting the products yourself.

There are options for how much you can start your business with.

Option number 1 - 100k.
This will allow you to qualify for all the offers of the month. This will also make you become a new 3% consultant with Oriflame. This money will be used for your registration and to order your initial purchase.

Option number 2 - 75k.
This will allow you to qualify for the welcome program offers. But you will not qualify for the anniversary gift offers. This money will be used for your registration and to order your initial purchase.

Option number 3 -  50k.
You might not qualify for any offers except if you do more orders before the month's end. This money will be used for your registration and to order your first purchase.

Whatever option you decide to start with, the best thing is to take a step in the right direction. There’s a lot of money to be made.

So, when they tell you that there is no opportunity or money in Nigeria, you can either accept it or reject it. While you’re busy lamenting about the situation of the country, the smart ones are cashing out massively, and guess what? You can do it too!

You have 20 days to make a move. For more information on how to start and join the program, you can reach out to me via any of my channels.

Until then, take care of yourself.

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