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Back to School hustle

It's Friday. Thank Goodness!

This week did not cut it for me at all!!!

Getting up at 5am was pain… okay so it was 6am but it was still torture. (Thanks a lot harmattan!).

The alarm clocks were no use since I got up an hour late. Even the snooze button didn’t have any effect.

Whisking up breakfast that early too was agony!

And dealing with early morning kid’s drama was pure suffering.😠😠😠

It appears that my body clock has not adjusted to back-to-school mode. The reality however, has finally set in that the holidays are over.

And if the weather is anything to go by, this is (though it shouldn't) coming to me as a rude shock. How cruel can life be?

Anyways, I’ve stopped wondering when the week would come to an end and braced up for the next.

This is why I can gladly say #ThankGoditsFriday.

Its been a weeklong of comatose wanderings.

To all the women out there … you’re absolutely amazing. And yes! You’re doing a great job…

Here’s to you🍸🍸. Cheers.
We will surely get it right this year.
All is definitely well.

Lots of love and chocolates.πŸ’—

Oh, by the way, many thanks to @heleneinbetween for the amazingly stunning stocks photos. Your awesomeness is beyond me.

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