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Weight Loss Stall? Try this...

Hey there.

Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind weight loss delay? Read below to know more.
To so many, getting rid of excess weight is a “do or do affair.” This is why there are countless diets aimed at reducing the calorie level in the body. Let's say you have been keeping to one for some time now and sadly there has been little or no change at all in your body weight, this can be extremely frustrating.  

Guess what? It’s not the time to give up. There are still a few things you can do to make your diet work. At this point look back to what you have been doing and apply some changes to bring the needed improvement.

While we all want the change to happen overnight we must be conscious of the fact that it takes time. You need to give yourself some weeks or months to achieve your weight loss goals while being realistic.
An extreme diet that drops the weight within a short period is too good to be true. What more? You end up gaining that weight back even more than before.

The benefits of water in the body are numerous. Water can aid weight loss in the long run but it can also help the body system work normally. 

It’s a much better substitute for sweet beverages which will increase the level of calories in the body. Another option is to drink green tea or Sassy water also known as the detox drink.

Well, a little walk down the street is still exercising the body. But to really see some results you may have to do more which is actually very simple. As a doctor, Palmski-Wade says
"If you are taking in fewer calories and also moving less, you will be burning fewer calories as well. That cancels out your overall calories deficit, which leads to limited weight loss."
So after making changes to your diet also create time to exercise. The body needs to run at a deficit. You need to expend more energy than you’re taking in. This is why the Keto diet is so effective.
And if you’re the lazy type like me who doesn’t care much for vigorous exercise, you can try Yoga. People who practice yoga normally have strong cores and flat midsection. I dare you to take it up!

Visible or significant change won't be seen until you keep to a diet (or exercise) consistently. Keep your eyes on the goal; imagine your dream body. Although it is difficult to maintain a steady diet, especially in the beginning because some people go back to unhealthy foods often but it is better to be consistent and avoid the urge to cheat.

So many times people who are on a diet think that skipping meals will do them good but the reverse is the case. After missing a meal it leaves your body craving for food which you will have to consume when you finally want to eat. It will make you eat more than normal which is to the detriment of your body. Have a fruit, salad or veggies in between. The idea is to actually have 4/5 small healthy meals spread out throughout the day to help the body (metabolism) burn food faster.

If you’re thinking of sustaining a diet without having a plan, you will not succeed. Daily activities will make you lose control and before you know it, you will be presented with an opportunity to just take anything and chances are that you will give in since you did not have any plan.
Prepare your meal timetable in advance preferably over the weekend and practice making your food from home so you don’t fall for the junk trap.

After keeping TO plan and following all recommendations you may still find out that not much has really changed. A little checkup by your doctor to find out what is wrong might just be needed.
Stress and lack of sleep are also contributing factors to weight loss drawback and should be taken into consideration. Try to adjust where necessary and find a balance.

CONCLUSION: Losing weight takes time, a lot of effort and tremendous DISCIPLINE. Practice clean eating every day. Not just for the purpose of losing weight but for a healthier and better you in the future.
Have a swell time.

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