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How to lose weight in a week without exercise

There are several health benefits of weight loss in overweight men and women. 

Some of these benefits are:

· Reduced blood pressure
· Better cholesterol level
· Decreased risk of diabetes
· Reduced risk of stroke

· Reduced risk of heart disease

· Decreased joint pain

· Better blood sugar levels, etc.

Best ways to lose weight in a week.

1. Reduce the consumption of carbs, and eat more lean protein.

By eating foods with low-carb, you can lose pounds in a week. Research has shown that Low-carb diets help in the reduction of weight.
It also reduces water intake. Also eating more of protein helps in reducing your appetite for food and boosting your metabolism. 

Sugars and starchy carbs should be eliminated and replaced with low-carb vegetables. Intake of eggs, fish and lean meats should be increased.

2. Eat fewer junk foods and more whole foods.

Whole foods are more filling and have lesser calories. This makes you take in fewer calories without getting very hungry and eating too much.

3. Exercise 

Burning fat and improvement in physical appearance can be greatly achieved by regular exercise.

Lifting weight is a very good exercise that can help you lose weight. You would lose weight, maintain strength and muscle mass when you do this several times in a week.

You can protect your hormone levels and metabolism when you engage in weight lifting.

4. Reducing calorie intake

One very important factor to consider when trying to lose weight is reducing your calorie intake.

To lose fat, you must endeavor to reduce calorie intake.

Ways to reduce calorie intake

· Weigh the foods you eat. You can make use of a calorie counting tool to calculate the amount of nutrients and calories in food.

· Reduce the intake of junk foods. After dinner, purposely refuse every temptation to eat dinner. 

· Calorie-dense sauces and condiments should be eliminated.

· Eat low-carb vegetables.

· Eat lower-fat proteins such as fish and chicken.

· Drink water, tea, coffee, protein shakes and zero-calorie drinks.

5. Be Active

Increase your daily activities; this will help you burn extra calories outside the gym. 

6. Fasting

Reducing the amount of food you eat daily will help in reducing your weight.

You can engage in different fasting time durations daily. 6 am to 12pm, 6am to 2pm or 6am to 6pm are different time durations of fasting that you can observe.

7. Reduce water retention

In order to reduce the retention of water in your body, thereby reducing weight loss, observe the following:

· Intake of dandelion extract.
Dandelion extract is a supplement that can help reduce water retention.

· Drinking coffee
A very healthy source of caffeine is coffee. Caffeine helps to burn fat and lose excess water in the body.

· Avoid foods that can cause you to bloat or retain much water. 
These are foods you are intolerant to. If you notice any of such food, avoid it. Overweight or obesity can be dangerous to your health. It can cause an unusual increase in blood pressure, heart disease and even stroke. 

Weight loss which can improve your overall health can be achieved in a week if you practice all the tips listed in this article.

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