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Weight loss goals

Are you still struggling with your weight loss journey? Remember that three quarters of the year is gone already. So if you really want to make the rest of this year count, you still have three months to do so. It is very much achievable with the right attitude. let's all end the year on a strong note despite its drawbacks. 

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Here are a few reminders to get you going.

Preparation is the foundation of success. Perfect your craft. Draw up a timetable, prepare your meals ahead or make use of your reminders. Get a thermal flask for your teas or health drinks. Invest in some good tracks and trainers, anything to make your weight loss journey a smooth one.

Do what you love. Find your purpose. Use your passion to propel you. If going to the gym is not your thing, try other options like swimming, cycling, aerobics etc. Yoga is another excellent stretch for body and mind.

Massive action. Start today and put in the action needed. Give yourself between a month to three months to lose weight and focus on it. I’ll be a terrible liar if I said you will lose those excess weights in 2 weeks or less. The goal is not only to loose the excess weight but to maintain a healthy weight and practice clean eating and portion control.

Move in the right direction. Success is a marathon not a sprint.

Use the power of dreams and your imagination. Think about that favorite celebrity with an awesome bod! And put up her poster if you have to. It could be all the motivation you need

Think bigger than you are. Successful people think bigger. You are no longer limited by what you think.

Focus on growth. Don’t get too comfortable where you are. Success is problem-solving. You’re losing weight because you want to look trimmer and more attractive. You want to do that body good by feeding it right and possibly trying to avoid being ill. There are many benefits as to why you have to lose fat and stay in shape. Whatever it is remember this and focus on it.

Determination is everything. That and discipline. Imbibe these two qualities and the world will be at your feet.

Clear vision. Have a target and Set smart goals along the way – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Like, say giving yourself a month to lose X amount of weight.

Use affirmations e.g. I’m going to make this. This is extremely important because it's so easy to get discouraged along the way.

Keep the right people around you. Join a weight loss group if you have to. You need the same set of people that aligns with your goal to keep you on track.

Be grateful and appreciate what you have. You need to celebrate those small wins along the way and reward yourself for a job well done. I’m not saying it’s the time to go out and splurge on that high-calorie ice cream, but it could be something as simple as getting yourself that super sexy lingerie you’ve been eyeing (You can check out my store here).

And remember, when you stray from your path, YOU GROW WEAK and lose focus.
Until then, take care of yourself ❤. And have a wonderful new month ahead.

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