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How to apply nude makeup

If you are anything like me when it comes to makeup, that means less is more. In as much as I do appreciate a nice piece of artwork on the face occasionally when perfectly done, I prefer a more simple approach when it comes to making up. That's why Nude makeup is awesome if you want to showcase your natural beauty and use fewer cosmetic products. Because let's just face it; we all can't be fans of flashy foundations.
If you want to achieve a flawless and simple look, you will need the following items for a nude makeup outlook;

1. Face Cleanser.

2. Concealer.

3. Powder

4. Eye Pencils

5. Eye Shadow

6. Primer

7. Foundation

8. Mascara

9. Bronzer

10. Blush

11. Lipstick

12. Setting Spray

10 steps to apply nude makeup

Cleanse and moisturize your skin. Endeavor to use a moisturizing product that is specifically designed to suit your skin type.

If you have dark spots on your face, apply a concealer before applying a foundation. However, if your face skin is smooth, no need to use a concealer, just apply the foundation.

The next step is to apply the powder. Dab powder on your face using a powder brush. Make sure it is smooth.

Make sure your eyebrows are properly groomed. Your eyebrows give your face a perfect look. Outline your brows at the top and bottom using a pencil, fill in softly with light strokes.

The next step is to apply your eye shadow. You can either make use of an eyeshadow primer before applying powder on the eyelid or just apply only powder on the eyelid. Then, use a dark brown color of eyeshadow to fill the outer corner of the eye. If you can’t find a dark brown eyeshadow, you can make use of a powder a little bit darker than your skin tone to contour the eye corner.

Line the top and bottom of your eyes. Apply mascara, even if you are not wearing eyelashes, your eyes will still look attractive.
Lady using a sponge makeup on face

Apply blush to your cheeks. Earth toned blushes are good for dark skin while Orange toned blushes are perfect for light skin. Sweep the blush towards the top part of your ear.

Using the smallest finger, apply a little bronzer on the tip of your nose to give it a pointed look.

Before applying lipstick, you can test to know if the particular color you choose will suit you. If it looks great on you, clean it off and reapply on lips during the makeup.

For small lips, a lip gloss is okay to use for a nude look, however, those with full lips should line their lips first using a soft brown lip liner, after that apply a nude color lipstick. Either matte or moisturizing texture is okay for a nude look.

Setting Spray - A setting spray keeps the makeup in place. Your makeup will sit perfectly on your face after using the setting spray.

Carefully follow these steps to achieve the nude makeup look. If you want your face to look beautiful at all times, cultivate a proper skincare routine. You can check our other topics on how to take care of dry and oily skin, also, the best exfoliating ingredients you can use on your skin. Nude makeup is lovely. Give it a try now.

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