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Regular Health Medical Check-up

Why you should go for a check-up today?

Hello Fam,

It's been a while in here. I hope you’re all doing well.
We’ve all been carried away by our daily lives and activities since we arrived in the New Year. And I must say, the month sped by so quickly. I can't believe we are already in the second month of the year. 

So quick question,..???

When was the last time you went to the hospital? And I don’t mean going when you’re critically down or at a near-point of death, I mean when was the last time you actually walked into the hospital and demanded a checkup? 

As we all know the blog is all about health, wellness, and beauty, which means we won't cease promoting the right article for women of all ages and sizes. 

First of February Image
A good day for a check-up!

I find this article necessary because I'm of the opinion that a lot of us take our health for granted particularly women. I've had reasons to go to the hospital quite recently; thanks to my Health Care Provider and I didn't have to pay a dime for consultation or drugs. But that's a story for another day. The important thing is that we must make it a habit to visit the hospital periodically whether we are feeling fine or not.

Despite our age of civilization, some individuals might find it strange to pay visits to hospitals for this purpose. I find it intriguing that car owners are readily eager to get their cars serviced or perhaps spend a ridiculous amount to do so but when it comes to their own health, they are faced with a lot of excuses and hesitations. A trip to the hospital might be all you need to save yourself from that hidden ailment. After all, it is not uncommon to see an individual slump from an unknown illness he/she has been nursing.

And for this sole reason, it is important that everyone visits the hospital at least twice a year for a check-up. Some people might need to visit their doctors more times a year for a check-up. Pregnant women will require even more check-ups, at least once every month. People suffering from some illnesses like high blood pressure will need to visit the clinic at least four times a year.

Medical items and drugs
Check up tools and drugs

Irregular check-ups can result in sudden intensified health conditions and even death. Even if you are not feeling ill, it is very important you go for a check-up. The earlier you detect an illness, the better. 

Most heart attack victims were never warned, it happened suddenly. An illness in the body must have triggered the attack. Do not wait until there is a crisis before you contact your doctor for a check-up. Early detection of illnesses or diseases in the body can be treated or subsided, which can save a life. HIV if not detected and treated on time can lead to AIDS which is deadly.

High cholesterol in the body can lead to stroke, a regular check-up will avert stroke because the patient will be given medications on time. High blood pressure, kidney and liver issues, blood infection, etc can be easily detected if there is a regular check-up. 

Unhealthy lifestyles and being overweight can trigger a lot of illnesses and diseases, so as you visit your doctor for a checkup, also cultivate healthy practices like eating good diets, exercising regularly, and getting adequate rest.

If you are worried about something specific such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or stroke in your close family, you can also ask your doctor.

A typical medical consultation can include:
  • Height/weight check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Cholesterol level check
  • Blood sugar test
  • Throat check
  • Ear check
  • Eye check
  • Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher risk of heart disease)
  • Chest x-ray (for heavy smokers)
With this in mind, it is ideal to look for a reputable Health care provider that can cater to your needs. This was one of the best decisions that made my 2020 worthwhile. Until then, take care of yourself.


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